About SJO.com and Sol Orwell

Hi, I’m Sol.

This website is a bit of an experiment, as I use it as an outlet to talk about entrepreneurship and productivity/efficiency. I’ve been building websites since 1997, started making real money in 1999, and incorporated my first company in 2003 (in Canada we do not have LLCs). I’ve been in a multitude of industries – from online games to domain names to local search to daily deals to nutrition to whatever else suits my fancy.

I actually did the entire digital nomad and passive income/four-hour-work-week in the mid 2000s, when I essentially retired and traveled around the US and Argentina for 5 years. Eventually I got tired of moving around and ended up back in Toronto.

SJO.com came about because I was just absolutely tired of the bullshit artists out there (the blind leading the blind). Having a one-time launch of $50,000 does not make you a guru, nor does making $2k/mo from your websites make you a passive income genius, nor does getting 2000 visitors a day to your site make you some kind of traffic genius.

I’ve done it for 17 years now. I’ve generated over 8 figures. I’ve websites that collectively generate 200,000 visitors a day.

As a quick example, one of my latest projects, Examine.com, was recognized by Fast Company as a Top 10 innovative company in health and fitness in 2015. Men’s Fitness called me a Game Changer in 2014 (along with names like Stephen Colbert and Pharrell). Examine.com also got me on the advisory board of a certain Arnold Schwarzenegger, and also got me interviewed on Forbes. Examine.com itself garners around 70,000 visitors a day, and is a seven-figure business itself. Best of all, I have little to do with it – the team I’ve assembled runs it while I spend my time on projects like SJO.com.

And that’s why SJO.com came about – this is an outlet, not something to build up a cult or sell you a course (everyone who knows me knows how much I abhor consulting and coaching on my end).

Feel free to say hi to me via my contact form or via Facebook or Twitter. And be sure to join the SJO.com Family below – I ensure we only publish high quality in-depth content here.

Oh, and another reason to join the SJO.com Family – I email (2-4x a month) on random thoughts of entrepreneurship, productivity, and more. They’re often a big hit, but not something I post on the site. So be sure to get on board for the exclusive content.

A(n incomplete) list of sites I’ve written for/been covered on:

  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneuer Magazine
  • Inc
  • Wikipedia
  • FastCompany
  • The Globe & Mail
  • Men’s Health
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Muscle & Fitness
  • betakit
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger(I am an advisor for him)

and many more…

Recently (early 2017) I noticed that people were searching about me on Google. A few examples:

So as a joke/test, I’ve decided to make pages on some of these pages. I’m super curious to see if they get any traffic, and what kind of reaction they get:

Update as of Sept 6 2017 – looks like people are searching for two new things. The latest:

So sure, two more pages to create:

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