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Written by Sol Orwell
Evolution of Sol

I’m a curmudgeon. And I’m always cranky with something.

Over the past year, my responsibilities with Examine.com have mostly dissolved into the ether. As I’ve outsourced myself with more and more competent individuals, I’ve been left with a fair amount of idle time to think upon what it is I want to do next.

It’s not that I don’t have ideas. There’s tons of interesting things to do. There’s my AudienceOwl project (data mining your email list to find the VIPs). I’m still intrigued by 3d printing, and I’m already formulating how I intend on building a site on pets and how interesting they are.

With that said, as Examine.com has grown, I’ve also somehow accrued a following on Facebook. Most people know I’m mostly just being a bit of a (lovable?) idiot, but I also dispense a fair amount of entrepreneur thoughts. From that, about 3-5 times a week I get a message from someone saying how my random musings have helped them in their business. A recent one:

A "testimonial" I got via FB

I’ve always meandered on my own path – I never wanted to be rich – I just wanted to be comfortable. I didn’t care about being an influencer – I just wanted to do interesting things. I didn’t want to be (e)famous – – I just wanted to make an impact. And as more and more people came to me and thanked me, I was curious – what is the market like for those that do want to become an entrepreneur (my lord that word is becoming a hackneyed buzzword now).

What a world of bollocks.

Sure, there are some awesome people out there. Logan Kugler did a great profile on Jayson Gaignard. There’s the venerable Ramit Sethi. Noah Kagan has experienced real success, as have people like Derek Halpern and Brian Dean.

But in general? Wow. What a cesspool of shit. There are people making $2k/mo who suddenly think they are experts at passive income. Someone does a non-replicable launch of $40,000 and thinks they are experts (the median income in Manhattan is higher). You have passive income “experts” who make 50% of their revenue from web hosting affiliate revenue from their own fans.

Talk about unqualified… the blind leading the blind.

Which is how we arrive here SJO.com. I don’t claim to be some all-knowing guru, but I at least have tasted some success. I have experience. I have over 20 people who rely on me for their livelihood. My businesses are a facet of my life, not the entirety of it.

My goal is to write an in-depth article on something relevant to entrepreneurship and development 2-3x a month. I will not be churning out content; instead, I will be making sure we take a real deep dive into a specific topic so that by the time you’re done reading, you understand what happened and why. And I want you to be part of it – make sure you subscribe below so you know whenever something new is posted.

My real goal is to learn myself, and hopefully you’ll learn at the same time.

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