Own up to your mistakes

I posted earlier this week how I was 100% focused on Examine.com for the indeterminate future.

Here’s something we just released today that I’m super proud of: Our Mistakes.

Inspired by GiveWell, we are publicly disclosing the mistakes we’ve made, and our progress in fixing those mistakes.

Check it out: https://examine.com/about/our-mistakes/

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Find A solution.

There’s a big difference between ‘a’ solution and ‘the’ solution.
Far too many people obsess over “the.”
Try to find ‘a’ more often instead of always going for the best.
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Always seek an opposing view

I’m a firm believer in not only being cynical (from a perspective of logic), but also to actively seek criticisms on any theories or principles you are considering (or hold dear).

Underrated? Wikipedia. Almost any fleshed out page will have a section on criticisms, and reading those is a great way of getting viewpoints you may not have considered.

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LTV for a brand can be tough…

Customer bought a product from us Oct 2013. Spent $40.

Came back yesterday and bought two products from us. Spent $130.

User behavior is endlessly fascinating…

And how do you figure a 6+ year gap into LTV?!

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Opportunity trumps all.

I’m from Kashmir.

This is the reality many people world in.

This is why I keep harping on how much opportunity matters in being successful.

Best thing I ever did was somehow get born to the right pair of humans that moved my ass out.

(Message sent to Taylor Jacobson of Focusmate)

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