Bluster is fake confidence

I recently realized that in the hierarchy of heuristics that makes me instantly tune someone out, *bluster* is near the top.

The most thoughtful people I know are forceful yes, but never in a cocksure and abrasive way.

Loudness is fake confidence, and I don’t need fakers in my life.

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People bond in the negative

I’m not a negative person, but I have realized that a lot of bonding (especially with someone you don’t know well) happens in the negative (aka complaining/kvetching).

The weather. The traffic. Politics. This sucks. That sucks.

I’ve always found it a bit tough to empathize at that level (hey man, I’m outchea living my best life!) – but something to consider when building relationships.

People bond in the negative.

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Filtering opinions is critical

I think one of the most important life skills now is filtering people’s opinions.

Endless number of them, pretty few useful ones.

Our recent SEO post generated ~700 comments across twitter, reddit, hackernews, and more.

95% of them were making assumptions that were just flat out wrong.

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Don’t get knocked out of the game

My buddy Phil dropped a great nugget recently – “Don’t get knocked out of the game.”

As long as you have cash flow, you can buy yourself time. And the more time you can buy yourself, the more likelyhood you can figure it out.

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