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Last week was a bit of an explosion. I wrote for Ramit’s site (which he emailed on), I was featured on Nathan Chan’s Foundr Podcast, and it seems like Brian Clark mentioned our unemployable podcast again.

This resulted in roughly 50 people contacting me. Most said hi (after joining, but about a dozen wanted to chat.

And this is where it gets brutal…

Not a single person made a compelling case. Going to someone you don’t know with “lets chat” or “I want you to mentor me” or (the worst) “I want to pick your brain” causes me to only respond with one word: Why?

Time is the single most precious thing you own (and control), and I guard mine like a zealot.

If you’re reaching out to someone and want to chat with them, there is one basic truth: show them you are an awesome person to chat with. Make them understand it’s worth their time.

It may sound dickish, but…

The reality of the Internet is there are far too many talkers, and just not enough do-ers. Most people simply do not have the bandwidth to differentiate between who is awesome and who is just rattling cages.

So next time you reach out to someone, make a compelling case. I mean hell, if I (as a D minus minus eCeleb) can barely manage this, I can only imagine what it’s like for people with actual followings.

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