Level up you giving through a “Giving Portfolio”

With many people looking back and planning for the future, I want to delve into something that’s been at the top of my mind…

One of my (privet) goals for this 2017 was to donate more – time, effort, energy, expertise, and money.

One of the big inspirations behind that was Floyd Marinescu. We had a long chat months ago about how philanthropy and how few entrepreneurs practice it (NOT as an insult – they simply have 230498234 other priorities), and Floyd told me about his giving portfolio.

Akin to an investment portfolio, every year he plans for his philanthropic contributions over the course of the year.

And just like any solid plan, once you embark on it, it becomes a lot easier to make it happen. He invests time in getting it setup, but then he continues to refine it over the course of the year.

Plan for success? Planning for philanthropy = genius.

My own giving this year has been incredibly ad-hoc and even whim-based. I’m going to try to adopt a bit more of an organized structure to it (while still maintaining flexibility).

Floyd’s story is unique and interesting (and not the usual BS-storytelling you run into), and I highly recommend you go down the rabbit hole.

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