Quality coaching lets you focus on the more important things

I tend not to share personal victories, but I got a DEXA (measures body fat, lean mass, and bone density) last week.

Hit my lowest body fat ever – 10.8%, whilst also gaining 5lb of muscle over the past 16 months.

Big reason: coaching

That is: Bryan Krahn

The thing about coaching is you need to find the right one that fits you. Krahn is like me – no-nonsense, big picture, old, curmudgeonly, and really really really good looking. He doesn’t give me touchy-feeling stuff – instead he kind of grunts in my direction.

He also knows that I like to understand why, so has the patience to explain his logic to me.

Truth is I know 99% of this myself; I know enough people that I could ask for help too.

But there’s a lot to be said in offloading the mental energy to someone else you trust. Let them worry about you.

Paying for mental clarity and less weight on it = best thing you can do for yourself.

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