Inevitable is another word for “small world.”

Let me tell you a tale of happenstance and what a small world we live in…

So I’m in NYC. And there’s a million compelling humans to hang with, so whenever I’m in town, I always host a bunch of dinners and drinks when I’m in town.

On Sat night I co-hosted some drinks with Ramit. My buddy Brendan asked me if he could invite his buddy Brent as he’s in town.

Brendan = a cool dude, so his vouching for Brent was enough for me. Bring him – just intro me quickly so I can send him the cal invite.

Brent and I briefly chatted. You can tell when someone vibes just right, and Brent and I got along immediately.

So we’re chatting at night, and Brent goes – man, small world.

The day after him and I chatted, some guy asked Brent if he had heard of a dude named “Sol Orwell.” This guy told Brent that this “Sol” guy was featured prominently in a fascinating book on entrepreneurship.

Damn, small world thinks Brent.

A few days later, Brent’s biz partner Ryan Holiday mentions the book in his email list.

You gotta understand – Ryan rarely promotes books that are 1) on entrepreneurship and 2) recently released. This was an exception.

So Brent is like – what are the odds? I had no clue you existed a week ago, and suddenly you’re everywhere and I can’t escape you.

I laughed. It just so happened I had invited the author of said book (Elaine) and she was literally standing 2 feet away from him.

What a small f’n world.


Now the take away here is pretty simple and I hope you get it: if you put in the work and create something meaningful (art, business, whatever), there’s an inevitability that people will talk about you. You may not get public praise. You may not get a gajillion likes. But smart people WILL notice, and they WILL converse, and they WILL find you.

And THAT is how your network explodes – it’s an inevitability when you put in the work.

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