Don’t forget to celebrate your wins…

So I’m really BIG on celebrating personal victories. Big or small… too often we got caught in the rat race and don’t take a moment to pause and say “woooo this is amazing.”

In case you don’t know, I’m a huge NBA fan. So I started ready Bill Simmons’ stuff when he was on Page 2. Grantland was one of my fav sites ever… and when it fell apart, I was like dammit what now?

Subsequently, when The Ringer was announced, I both loved it more and less than Grantland.

Less because it wasn’t as sports-heavy.

MORE because it started to talk about stuff I cared about – politics, health, and more.

Today an article went up (on bone broth) that included a quote from the indomitable Kamal Patel.

I don’t get really excited… but I squeeed. Having one of my fav sites quote my guy and mention

Giddy up fam, we made it.

Feel free to share a personal victory you’ve had in the past few months. Big or small, celebrate and own it.

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