Network by being personal

On a recent flight, I had about half a dozen articles open to read.

As I read them, I noted who I thought may find it interesting.

For example, there was an article on One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and what transpired. I had talked to a few people about education in developing countries, and I sent that to them.

Another article was on Instagram’s impact on art, and I sent that to a few people I had conversed with RE: people chasing insta likes.

Yet another article was on how women/minorities get a lot more abuse online (when normalized), and I sent that to a few people who I had chatted with about racism and what a shitshow it can be online.

Yet another article was by David Burkus and how networking events can be overrated (FOMO!), and I sent that to a bunch of people who I had talked about in regards to building relationships.

What’s the point?

This is “networking” – aka, keeping in touch with friends. It’s about having interesting conversations, reading interesting things, and connecting the dots.

It is NOT about stalking people, sending gifts, hyping people up, or having some master spreadsheet where you time how often you chat with people.

Build bonds.

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