Your environment is VERY powerful

Learned something pretty interesting yesterday…

My lady’s been facilitating some workshops (that will become an exhibition) with some under-resourced youths. Most of them have had a seriously rough upbringing.

A significant component of the exercise is to look into the future – what you think will happen, what you want to happen, how it will happen, etc. Both on a personal level and bigger picture.

Imagine yourself being asked that when 16. You may think of a fancy car or a shiny house or going to Mars.

Unfortunately, the bitter reality is that most of them cannot project in such a manner. They have too many pressing issues to have the “luxury” of looking into (a better) future.

I say this as it leads back to my complete disdain for the rags-to-riches malarkey or the asinine “if you work hard you can do it” trope.

To not factor in your environment and what it affords you and to think you alone “made it” height of narcissistic self-delusions coupled with an utter lack of self-awareness.

You never built it alone.

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