Make someone feel like Sunny makes me feel

I want to tell you about my buddy Sunny.

Not about his beautiful hair. Nor his bulging biceps. Or even about his biz success (he has ten thousand tutors under him at TutorBright).

No – I want to tell you about how Sunny makes me feel…

I ran into him about a month ago on Queen Street (small world, Alex Ikonn too). And I left feeling awesome.

I saw him at Jayson + Kandis’ BBQ a few weekends ago. Again, felt like a boss afterward.

I had him at my dinner a few nights ago, and again he made me feel terrific.

Hell, after seeing him on Queen Street, I remember coming home and telling my lady “man, Sunny makes me feel so good about myself.”

Because here’s the thing – every time I see Sunny, he’s incredibly complimentary.

On Queen Street, he gave me so much love about my cookie off.

At the BBQ a few weekends ago, he complimented my guns (coming from him!)

And then two days ago he commented on how good my shirt looked.

And Sunny doesn’t just compliment, he does it enthusiastically. It’s not some task he’s doing to check off in his brain; it’s not some glib networking tip he read somewhere and is dutifully doing.

I asked him about it, and he had this to say:

“Critiques are free and everywhere.
Compliments are free but rare.”

So be like Sunny. See something compliment-worthy and note it. After all, rare things are far more memorable.

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