There are small wins everywhere

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and he told me how his wife had her purse stolen. He then said that he never worries because he uses a fag bag.

I gently stopped him and said hey – not cool. Don’t call it that, call it a fanny pack.

He agreed, and then we continued to chat.

That’s a little win. A small hurtful word is no longer used. And I’ve learned there are small wins everywhere.

I also think back and I don’t think I would have said anything a few years ago. This is progress to me.

We need to choose to be better.

Little self-improvement comes publicly or at a large-scale. Most of it is tiny, quietly on the side, and done bit-by-bit.

You incrementally improve so you can look back at yourself from a few years ago and think “damn I cannot believe I thought/acted that way.”

And having friends who keep your ass in check makes it a lot easier.

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