I was in Paris because of social media…

Social media, to me, is not a place to make fans, but a place to make friends.


I was in Paris last week. My buddy Matthew N Kepnes posted a few months ago saying he was moving to Paris and if anyone wanted to visit him.

“Sure, I’m in.”

A few weeks before I arrived, I pinged my buddy Alberto to let him know I was coming to Paris and if he wanted to swing by.

“Sure, I’m in.”

The three of us had a grand ol’ time exploring, eating (too many croissants), drinking, and talking about serious and unserious things alike.

(My post last week about the Mount Rushmore of comedies was because it was something Kepnes and I chatted about).

And this isn’t a one-off. I’ve gone to places like Sweden, Panama, Kosovo (now that’s a random one), Japan, Egypt, Philippines, New Zealand, and Singapore and gotten to hang out with people who I met on social media.

If we focus on quality and *actual* meaningfulness, social media can be pretty dope.

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