Separate the signal from the noise.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to my buddies John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio converse with Jayson Gaignard about their entrepreneurship journey.

First off, both are fantastic dudes. They are the literal personification of a CapitalistSuccessStoryâ„¢ (bootstrapped business that had a 9-figure exit), but they also have the self-awareness not to think they are geniuses.

But my favorite part was at one point Jayson asked about hiring remotely, and JB responded about how they approach it with rigor, how they have a strict criterion, etc, etc.

This is what we need more of – concrete advice, not feel-good bullshit.

Someone who has little experience would have gone on and on about fuzzy platitudes, feel-good stories, and more. Some malarkey about ‘finding the best fit.’

Instead, these guys with actual wisdom verbalized that they did it with a thoughtful process and level of awareness.

This is what we need more of. Fewer cliches, more specifics.

The easiest way to separate the signal from the noise – pay attention to the specificity of the verbage & vernacular.

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