Don’t waste time setting up pre-populated tweets

Pro-tip: Don’t waste time setting up ‘pre-populated tweets.’

I got an email from Groove last week about a new article they wrote. In the email they included a ‘handy pre-populated tweet.’

I checked 24 hours later. A total of 3 people had tweeted it out.

There is an opportunity cost to EVERYTHING. That email went out to over 100,000 people. In an email that included two links (one to the article, and one to the pre-populated tweet), they got a click rate of 0.003%.

What a waste.

Every time I come across anyone that has those “click to tweet” I always search on twitter if anyone has tweeted. The number of tweets has ALWAYS been dismally low.

The data is clear – don’t bother with pre-populated tweets.

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Wanna be better at networking? Don’t be boring

I’d wager the #1 reason for my networking success is because I spend my time reading things that have nothing to do with business.

Thus when I meet another human, there are 100s of potential things we can bond over.

tl;dr – don’t be boring.

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You are not here to impress your peers.

Reminder: You are not here to impress your peers.

This message is from a good friend of mine.

Dude is smart – works in the solar industry, is incredibly thoughtful, and he’s one of those guys you can have an in-depth conversation about almost any topic.

And yet here he is wondering if your body can deal with protein at night.

So a reminder – you don’t need to blow people’s minds. You don’t need to come up with something revolutionary.

What you DO need to do is make your stuff accessible and relatable.

Social media attention may feed your ego, but it’s hitting your audience correctly that will generate revenue and *actually* feed your belly.

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