You are not here to impress your peers.

Reminder: You are not here to impress your peers.

This message is from a good friend of mine.

Dude is smart – works in the solar industry, is incredibly thoughtful, and he’s one of those guys you can have an in-depth conversation about almost any topic.

And yet here he is wondering if your body can deal with protein at night.

So a reminder – you don’t need to blow people’s minds. You don’t need to come up with something revolutionary.

What you DO need to do is make your stuff accessible and relatable.

Social media attention may feed your ego, but it’s hitting your audience correctly that will generate revenue and *actually* feed your belly.

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Your lack of struggle is 100% irrelevant.

If someone posts that something was tough for them (and it wasn’t tough for you), telling them how easy it was and they need to stop being so soft/weak/delicate is pretty much the OPPOSITE of what one should do.

Your lack of struggle is 100% irrelevant.

That shit is the height of self-conceit.

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Labels that are self-limiting beliefs are the worst

To extend my thoughts on introversion yesterday, people really love placing labels on themselves in a self-limiting manner.

Fat. Short. Lazy. Dumb. Introverted.

And so forth.

If there is an essential part of my ethos, it’s embracing the awesome. And instead of treating any label (that *I* am placing upon myself) as a limitation, I simply treat it as a parameter I have to deal with.

So taking my earlier introversion as a ‘constraint,’ I made it work for me – regular walks, meetings only on Fridays, absolute downtime on weekends, personal vacay around work trips, and so forth.

If there’s anything that makes us, it is the indomitable human spirit. To place shackles on ourselves is a mistake.

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