Intelligence: arrogance and thoughtfulness rarely mix

The smartest and most *thoughtful* people I know are some of the least arrogant.

And some of the most arrogant people I know are those who are really smart in one area, and (incorrectly) think that makes them smart in other areas.

And I frankly don’t trust them at all.

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Simple example of NOT being lazy

I talk about not being lazy – here’s a super simple example.

I sent people some hotels for Cookie Off.

Lazy: list them
Not lazy: link them

An extra 100s on my part saves everyone else time (not to mention as a local, Google localizes the results).

Put in that little effort – it adds up.

The original article: Don’t be lazy.

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Think return, not absolute value

I had a good friend of mine tell me he was quoted $x for something and that he was thinking it sounded expensive.

Wrong way of thinking!

It should NOT be about if it’s expensive or not. It SHOULD be about “do I get enough of a return?” It’s not about the absolute numbers but the relative returns.

[Of course, caveat is if you can afford it and if it fits within acceptable risk tolerance]

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Think systematically

An enjoyable heuristic I’ve applied lately is how people have responded to the removal of plastic straws.

Removing them is not a panacea for climate change; it’s meant to be a step in the direct direction. People’s habits don’t change overnight, and we know that incremental change is incredibly positive.

Ya know, you crawl before you walk before you run.

It’s about the systematic impact, not one independent move.

So any time I see someone hurr-durring plastic straws, I’m like awrighty – you can barely see past your nose.

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