Sausage Showdown

Thank you for being part of this charity but also fun event!

Sausage Showdown

The goal of the sausage off is to have a charity event that is fun, network with your peers, network with entrepreneurs in Toronto, and also celebrate the best sausages in Toronto.

The successor to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Off 2017 (in which 27 local bakers competed), the rules are simple:

  • June 25 2017, 7pm
    • Invite only
  • You are to bring one type of sausage
    • You can bring a second type of sausage if the first is pork and the second is 100% not pork (eg beef, chicken, turkey, etc)
  • We will have various mustards
    • You are allowed to bring your own sauce
  • You need to bring roughly 20-25 cooked sausages

How the event unfolds:

  • We will cut them up in slices so it’s easy for everyone to sample them
  • We will have chafing dishes to keep them warm
  • There will be 100 tickets sold at $100
    • 100% of the revenue goes to Community Food Centres Canada.
    • We are selling tickets via, owned by Ticketmaster. My friend created Universe, and is letting us do our event without any charges
  • The event will be held at The Henley Room at the Argonaut Rowing Club
  • There will be a cash bar
  • Everyone votes for their top 5
  • We announce winners before the event ends
    • There will be a mixture of both butchers and chefs
  • There will be media members from both offline and online in Toronto
    • Professional photographer will be cataloging the entire night
  • The name of the event is not set – it could be Sausage Showdown or Sausage Party of Sausage Off
  • All participants are invited to bring one extra person

To sum it up: a charity event for CFCC; bring 20-25 cooked sausages (of one type – unless a second one is completely non-pork).

The Previous Event – Chocolate Chip Cookie Off

  • Pictures of previous year
  • Our previous event had 34 competitors, of which 27 were professionals
    • For obvious reasons, no amateurs for Sausage Showdown
    • SOMA also donated hot chocolate
  • 150 people attended the event
  • Also hosted at The Henley Room
  • All participants agreed to compete again next year.

About Me

I am sure a few people are curious about who I am, and what I do

  • I have been an entrepreneur for 18 years
  • Created #cookielife as a lark, which has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Mashable, Huffington Post, and more
  • Am well established in the local Toronto entrepreneur network
    • Have spoken at Toronto City Hall, written for Globe & Mail, and more
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