DINNERS: We meet, we eat, we give.

Yay! I hope you’re ready to get your eat on and meet awesome people.

Why do these?

I get asked this a lot, particularly because I offer no consulting or service.

There’s a lot to be gained by bringing the community together. By learning from each other is how we grow as people and as businesses.

I will be honest: I am far more interested in the personal side than in the professional side.

I make everyone prepay as this makes life easier – that way everyone can get individual drink tabs.

I enjoy bringing humans together. A diversity of experiences and opinions can only be a good thing for everyone.

Quickie details

  • Dinner is usually 6:30pm to 9:30pm.
    • Please try to be on time. I understand last second emergencies happen.
  • I usually set up family style/multiple courses as we thus get to taste a lot of delicious food, and easier to work around any allergies.
  • If you have any allergies, please let me know asap.
    • Please only hit me with dietary restrictions if religious/allergic.
  • I rotate people so you get to meet a plethora of interesting humans.
  • NOTE: Please pay $150.00 via eTransfer to sol@solorwell.com
    • If no payment 24 hours before, you will be uninvited.
  • I will send you a calendar invite.

Can I invite a friend?

These are pretty space-limited, so please run it by me first.

How did you come to $150?

So each meal is roughly $110. I then added $40 to donate – $40×12 (12 people per dinner) = $480 per dinner. $480×12 (12 dinners per year) = ~$5500 donated per year. Not too shabby.

What’s expected of me?

To be friendly and ready to meet other successful people (remember, Sol doesn’t deal with fools).

You will be asked for a quick intro (~2-3 minutes long) and a personal-victory in the last 60ish days.

Hey I cannot see who is coming!?


Come eat, enjoy, and trust that I don’t bring fools together!