What is Sol Orwell’s Instagram?

Sol Orwell has no instagram account.

OK, I lied.

So I actually do have an Instagram account. But I only have it so my woman can tag me in pictures of our ridiculously cute and awesome dog.

Oh, and once every blue moon, I log in to post dumb comments on my friends’ pictures to drive them insane.

At the end of the day, you have to be purposeful about social media.

So why does this page even exist?!

I figured since you’re searching for it, I’d make it easier. If you want to say hi, just contact me. If you’re looking for me on social media, just check out Sol Orwell Facebook and Sol Orwell Twitter (and I guess technically there is also Sol Orwell LinkedIn, and this domain constitutes as the Sol Orwell Blog).

Really this page is for me to just mess around and show you I don’t take myself seriously.

I don’t trust people who take themselves too seriously.

If you’re curious, the entire list of pages that people are searching for:

Enjoy! Or even better – join the SJO.com Family (just below), and let’s have some fun.

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