Why is diet dogmatic?

More and more I’ve been getting asked: how the hell did/do I eat so many cookies and stay lean?


A major 8 million dollar study just came out.

Spanning 12 months, it tracked 600+ people and split them up into a low-fat (LF) and a low-carb (LC) group. They were given 22 nutrition coaching sessions and were told to focus on whole foods.

Both groups pretty much lost the same weight.

Even when factoring in insulin levels AND genotypes… it still came out the same.

What’s really cool is even when looking at individual data, even that came out pretty much equal!

(If you want to read it: low-fat vs low-carb: it doesn’t matter for weight loss)


That’s it guys. There’s no magic behind it. You focus on whole foods, you focus on something you can do day-in and day-out, and you’ll be fine.

LC. LF. Keto, Paleo. Intermittent Fasting. Breatharian (okay maybe not that one).


Control for calories, walk around, lift some weights, and enjoy life.

Anyone offering you THE solution is… well frankly, full of shit.

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