Understand the WHY

This post will:

1. Ostensibly appear to be a form of bragging and
2. In actuality is something I want you to mull over.

Here’s the brag:

I’ve sold 70 tickets for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Off (in just two weeks). And of the 70 tickets sold, 39 are non-Torontonians!

That’s $35,000 for a 3-hour “all you can eat chocolate chip cookie experience.”

That’s $35,000 for charity and non-profits.

Here’s the part that blows my mind – my inaugural Chocolate Chip Cookie Off was roughly 14 months ago. We raised $850!!!

So that’s the part I want you to mull over… WHY are people coming??

Why are people spending $500 to a charity event to come hang out and eat a shit-ton of cookies?

Is it because it’s charity?

Is it because entrepreneurs want to give to charity but don’t know who to give to?

Is it because it’s an incredibly unique experience?

Is it because of my force of personality? (I say this in the context that I can maybe get people to come once, but can I get them to come again?)

Is it because I’m relentless(ly annoying)?

Is it because of the networking?

Is it social proof?

Is it because of who is coming and their success?

Is it because I’m anal and play no favorites? (once it’s sold out, it’s SOLD OUT – I don’t care who you are)

Is it because of the curation?

Is it because Toronto is amazing in the summer? (We’re stuck indoors for so long due to our turgid winter that we go bananas when warmth arrives.)

Or is it something else I’ve completely missed?


This shit is IMPORTANT.

It’s critical to see an interesting phenomenon, to take a step-back, and to think: What is the underlying truth in what is happening? What underlies the actual action?

And this applies to EVERYTHING.

I’m going to write about this later, but I spend about 90-100m EVERY DAY just walking.

I don’t listen to podcasts – these walks are my thinking time. This is when I get to think about what is happening and WHY it’s happening.

That’s how you understand and improve and “kick ass.”

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