Small wins are the most important wins.

I’m a big believer on small wins >>> big wins.

Why? Because you’ll have 100x more small wins than big ones, and they slowly but surely reinforce better habits and thinking.

Simple example today – was waiting in line at the bank, and this guy tried to cut because the next open teller was the “business” line.

He was chatting when I walked over (big bank) and said “Hey man, I’m next, we got a line.”

He tried to say something about how this was a business line, and instead of telling him I *too* was there for business, I cut him off and said “Sorry man, there is one line, you gotta get back in line.”

The teller confirmed and the guy moved on.

(And before anyone jumps, I was 100% correct – the bank setup is weird and the “business” teller is something they did 5+ years ago but no longer do but of course they have not removed the damn sign).

This was a small interaction. But it was two tiny wins – 1) I did not let him cutting in line slide and 2) I didn’t explain myself – what he did was wrong.

10 years ago I don’t think I would have said anything.

5 years ago I would have said “hey man I’m here for business too.”

Now? Ain’tnobodygottimeforthisshit.

It’s these little wins that add up, day-after-day, month-after-month, that result in a stronger you.

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